Saturday, 20 July 2019

Augmented climbing wall

Ever since we stopped having to chase our food we have had this problem that our lifestyle is sedentary – we don't get enough exercise And now we have to find the motivation to move from inside

Augmented climbing wall is an experiment in what augmented reality technology can bring to an existing sport in this case indoor rock climbing Knowing your motivation psychology gives you these targets – that ok – we want to design a game that motivates people to move What motivation components should we try to support? And for example perceived competence is a good predictor of sport and exercise motivation so it makes sense to try to make people feel competent Or we also like to use the term empowered or superhero One characteristic feature of climbing is that it's very focused on finger strength And that's sometimes a limiting factor so people say that I don't want to climb – my fingers I can't stay on the holds So that's one thing we wanted to change so that we bring in a diversity of challenges So for example there's a timing challenges, coordination problems or kind of more variety

Which means that it's more probable that different people can find something that interests them And it seems to work so the feedback that we get from climbing centers and also indoor amusement parks is that it attracts new kinds of people to climbing Designing a good serious game is really hard because the kind of seriousness can easily take away the fun That's exactly the reason why research in serious games is needed because companies can't afford to take those risks and explore and find those solutions that work and then if research goes right sometimes there's commercial spin-offs like in our case

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