Saturday, 20 July 2019

Explore Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality | CI Design

Building with VR it's incredibly empowering because you're building a completely fake world of your design which is incredible It's a challenge but it's always a challenge that's attainable

Everything I love about media, animation, gaming, visualization and business are merged into virtual and augmented reality I think it's very natural I think everybody that I've watched they just get it cuz you put on the headset and it's so natural to just turn your head to look You don't have to learn a button it just works Pairing a need with the technology, not just the technology for technology's sake is super important We had a client that has a very large product literally as big as most people's living rooms and cost a lot of money to ship to trade shows

They no longer wanted to spend that money then we said well augmented reality People are able to take this massive piece of hardware to any client anywhere they went Augmented and virtual reality embedded into your business operations and processes is really where the values at and that's what we want to get to when we're talking to our clients about how to solve some of these problems or just to assist them in new and different ways

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