Saturday, 20 July 2019

How To Add Augmented Reality To a Postcard or other Printed Image

in this video I'd like to demonstrate how you can add augmented reality to your postcards recently I took a trip to Cancun Mexico and visited Chichen Itza and I picked up a couple of postcards now it'd be great if I could send somebody a postcard and not just show him a picture of what I saw but a video of what I saw if you go to the website zap dot works you can create a personal account for free click here you can see the personal account is free for five experiences which you get started with your personal account at zap works go ahead and click on register if you have a Facebook account or Google account you can register with one of those otherwise you can add in your email address once you've created an account you can go ahead and log in and the first time you log in it asks what kind of account you would like to create for creating an augmented reality postcard I recommend using the personal account it is free for five zap code so I'm going to go ahead and check that I click create a personal account I'm gonna go ahead and put my name in here and I click continue to zap works they will show you some videos that demonstrate how to use their software I recommend going through and watching them but I want to show you how to create your own augmented reality using a postcard now you will have five zap codes remaining a zap code essentially is a small icon that will allow you to put it on your postcard to add things to your postcard so I'm going to come over here where it says make a new zap code you can either choose a circle shape or the laws in shape I'm going to go ahead and choose this circle shape and I'm gonna create my first zap code from chichén itzá and I'm going to click on continue now I like using the designer if you are a beginner this is the perfect way to explore augmented reality Studios more intense and I'm just gonna simply click on designer I select that I click create zap code and what this will do is it creates this special code that is unique just for this project I can now click to edit this project so the first thing that I need to do download my zap code which is right here I come down where it says download your zap code it gives you two different options a PNG or an SVG if you have a program like Adobe Illustrator that you can edit you can download an SVG but if you're just beginning I recommend downloading the PNG now I can open this and I can see this is a really big picture this would take up my entire postcard I would like to print this out but I want it small enough that I can put on my postcard so what I'm going to do is open up Microsoft Word I create a blank document I go to insert pictures picture from file I go to where I downloaded that image I click insert now I can see this is really big I can see rulers at the top I want this to be about half an inch wide so I'm going to click on a corner and I'm just going to drag this down until it is about half an inch and I can look at my ruler here so now I'm going to print this image file print and I click print once you have printed out your zap code cut it out make sure when you cut it out and not to cut off any of the lines sometimes I like to leave it a little extra border around take your postcard flip it over take a glue stick add the glue to your image glue your zap code onto the postcard and now what I like to do is take a picture of just my postcard try to get a picture without shadows when you have the picture I recommend cropping it cropping means cutting out so we just want to see the postcard now it doesn't have to be perfect cropping but we do have to be able to see the zap code so I'm going to go ahead and include that right there I tap Done so now I'm going to send that image using airdrop I select the image and then I select the computer I save the image to my downloads I'm going to go back to zap works and I go back to my chichén itzá zap code this is a zap code of where I was putting the content now I've downloaded the content over here it says edit zap code content so I click on here it has a video instructions that will show you how you can do this one thing it has you do is download your zap code I've already done that so I'm going to click here and I'm just going to click on continue because I've already downloaded the image I've already put my zap code inside of the image that I want to show the augmented reality which is my post card so now I can upload the tracking image what the tracking image is this is what you're going to scan your phone over to see if it works so I'm going to go ahead and upload a tracking image I choose the image that I just cropped out for my tracking image it uploads it it checks to make sure that you have the correct zap code and it analyzes what you have done and notice here it says correct zap code found this is telling it how it's going to find your image so I'm going to go ahead and use this tracking image now this brings in the image of the postcard here what I can do now is I can put in pictures videos photo albums sounds texts a lot more let me go ahead and start by adding an image so I click on image I've already uploaded a couple of images to upload an image it's as simple as quick upload image and you can choose your images that you have and when it uploads it processes it for a few seconds so here you can see the one image I uploaded there's actually an iguana hidden right here in the corner of this image let's say that I wanted to add in a couple of images or a photo album I can just click on add photo album and I can choose a couple of images that I have uploaded just by clicking on the plus sign I can put them into my photo album I don't remove that one and so here I have a couple of images I can choose selected images I can drag this where I want it to be I can make it a little bit bigger or smaller I can also rotate this if it is wrong I'm going to go ahead and bring it back to right there so now I have created a photo album a photo and I can put in a video as well so if I click on video I can upload my own video now I've recently uploaded the video all I have to do is click OK I can drag the video where I want it to appear and once I have it where I want it I click off of it I can also add in text so for example I can add this text I double click my trip to chichen-itza I can click off and then I can move the text around wherever I want it to be if I scroll down to the bottom I can see there's properties for each of these things for example when I bring in a video I can take the video I can have a loop I can have it play on the start I can do different things I'm not going to worry about that right now I just want to show you how you can add the augmented reality to this postcard so now I've added a picture a slideshow a video and some text to this postcard and to make it work and to test it I could click preview but I like to click publish and what publishing does is it makes this zap code active and it adds this content to my zap code so now if I go to my phone if I open up the zap our app and I scan over the postcard it says its unlocking that means it's downloading the content that I have placed on there and you can see here that as I move this around or if I move the postcard around and I can tap on my slideshow picture slideshow photo album I can play my video and there you have it a very simple way to create an augmented reality postcard of somewhere that you have visited I hope you've enjoyed seeing how you can create your own augmented reality postcard Try it out and good luck

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